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Water Water Everywhere...BUT I DON'T WANT TO DRINK.

I'm having one of those days where my body is insanely dehydrated (honestly, it has been for a couple of days now...cue guilty face). My legs and arms in particular are ashy and itchy (ew...I know right...), my urine is a gorgeous shade of copper (sounds pretty doesn't it?) and my face looks aged and drab. I knew since the moment I woke up that drinking water was the most important thing that I had to do for myself today, but I kept putting it off. It's now a little past 4pm, and I FINALLY had my first glass of water. So many of us do exactly what I did today ALL THE TIME. This is terrible for your overall health and wellness. I don't know the exact reasons why people do this every stinkin' day to themselves, but I'm here to give you some tips so you can get to drinking more water, throughout the day, every day!


Once you start drinking lots of water, you're body (and mind) will want you to keep drinking more water. Have you ever stopped doing something that you did consistently and religiously (i.e.; exercising, eating healthy, having sex, etc.) and the longer you went without performing said habit, the more you actually found that you didn't WANT or CARE for it all that much anymore? The more we do something (like drink water, exercise, have sex, etc.) the more we want to continue doing those things. The more we don't do those things, the more and more we stop making them priorities.

Drinking more water leads to drinking more water. MAKE. IT. HAPPEN!


Water is boring and tastes like nothing leaving little to no motivation for me to drink it. But when I slice a lemon, lime, or an orange and squeeze the juice in my water, it's a game changer! Not only does it taste damn delicious, there are also several health benefits as well.

Check it;

- Promotes hydration

- Good source of Vitamin C

- Promotes Weight Loss

- Improves your skin quality

- Aids digestion

- Freshen's breath

- Helps prevent kidney stones

If you ask me, it's totally worth the extra time it takes to clean and slice.

PRO-TIP: Get a large pitcher filled with your favourite citrus slices and water for easy refill convenience!


WTF does that mean? It means drink your water the way you like it. Sounds obvious, right? Unfortunately, people don't think of the following things as barriers to their personal hydration (and they SERIOUSLY are). If you like water at room temperature, make sure you have room temperature water ready and conveniently available for yourself at all times (ex. don't keep your water stored in the fridge if you aren't a fan of cold water). If you find that you drink more with a straw, consider adding a straw to your glass or investing in a reusable water bottle that comes equipped with a reusable straw. If you like your water in a HUGE water bottle (because you're a badass who likes a good challenge) then get yourself a HUGE water bottle and commit. It's okay to be particular regarding how you drink your water, but just make sure you're water wants and needs are available to you throughout the day. It's the most simple of habits and actions that lead to the greatest benefits and successes.

Keep on chuggin'!


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